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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricksy View Post
    I dont know about rumours, however Ive ordered a 3090 non-OC strix card from Scan-UK as soon as it went live, and was told my queue placement is 19th. This was on 24th September... My queue placement now is still 19th. Which means Scan hadnt received any non-oc strix 3090s. It would seem silly to me to only manufacture the OC models and begin with the non-oc once the demand is met? Does anyone know anything more?
    An update to this, Scan UK did receive a shipment of around 17 asus cards yesterday (Across all models) and now my queue placement is 17. So it does seem non-oc models are actually being shipped. Just few and far-inbetween

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicklas0912 View Post

    I got a lucky ordre on a RTX 3090 Strix, But I can see there is also a version that is called RTX 3090 Strix OC.

    what is the difference?

    THE PCB, anything should be the same, as I can see the only difference is that the Strix OC just come with a higher OC out of the box, and that is the only thing? you can even put the Strix OC bios on the Strix card I guss? as it is the same card?

    Asus RTX 3090 Strix:
    Asus RTX 3090 Strix OC :

    Hope some one reply, thanks

    The pcb is identical - the only difference is binning and then the bios as a result of that binning
    The OC version has a slightly different bios which clocks it slightly higher.
    Interestingly the manufacturing process has been so good on the Strix that there are not many non OC cards even available, so you are pretty fortunate to have found a non OC version

    Do remember it does mean that this specific gpu did not run stable at quite as good a frequency when tested and as such will therefore not overclock as well as an OC version which has simply been tested to be stable at a slightly higher frequency.
    I would assume that it could be flashed with an OC bios and you can download the OC bios from asus as there was an update recently to fix the idle fan speed bug
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    I have the OC model (RTX3090 Strix).

    I have upgraded to BIOS v2 (14/12/2020) and compared BIOS v2 (14/12/2020) of non-OC model. They seem to be exactly the same.

    The only difference according to my assumptions to be the binned of the chips. According to this, the frequencies at which the two work are the same basic, but one in theory should rise a little more than the other with the same "power limit" (it will reach a little more frequency whether we do OC or not we do) due to NVIDIA's "GPU Boost".

    It must be borne in mind that there are also some better than others within the binned chips, but we are talking about very small differences.

    It is "curious" that Asus specifies the base frequencies for the non-OC model and does not specify them for the OC model:

    NON OC:


    It would be nice if someone from Asus confirmed or denied this.


    - EDIT -

    According to techpowerup:
    * NON OC---- Base Clock:1395 MHz / Boost Clock: 1695 MHz (Source Link)

    * OC------------ Base Clock:1395 MHz / Boost Clock: 1860 MHz (+10%) (Source Link)

    - EDIT 2 -

    I have found the differences between the two cards published by ASUS:

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    What about putting in SLI non-oc and OC?
    I've got OC one and have a chance for getting another but non OC...
    Would there be any issue having them in SLI?

    I need SLI for work and GPU rendering, not gaming so no need for lecturing about SLI not working

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    ^ No problem at all. Put in the PCIE _1(x16) the fastest (OC). Not because it is x16, it is because with some applications the first is the one that receives the most work load.
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