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    Question M.2_2 Configuration not saved in bios


    I have tried to solve it and searched the web, but till now no luck.

    The problem is, that i wanted to set the M.2_2 Configuration ( in the bios) to X4.
    But when the system is restarted, it is set back to X2.

    I have only 1 Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD 1Tb as a harddisk fitted on the mobo and it's capable for X4.
    It's fitted on the M.2_1 (socket3) right below the cpu.

    My mobo is a Asus Maximus Hero X and the bios is version 2402.

    The settings in bios:

    PCIEX4_3 Bandwith is set to default X2 ( tried to set it to X4, but no joy)
    M.2_1 Configuration: [Auto][SATA mode][PCIE mode is set to Auto ( tried to set to SATA, but also no joy)
    M.2_2 Configuration is default set at X2. ( Can be set to X4 but isn't saved to the bios and flips back to X2)

    Hopefully someone can help me with this one.
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