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    AiMesh Configuration Question

    I currently am using a GT-AC5300 for the root node of my AiMesh configuration, and have two RT-AC86U mesh nodes. I have had various issues related to firmware updates periodically with this setup, so I started thinking about how I could potentially resolve this and maybe increase performance as well.

    Are AiMesh configurations that only contain a single router model inherently more 'stable' than mix-and-match router setups like mine? I know it is probably difficult to test and validate every combination between routers, but I thought others might be able to share more insights into this question. I have thought about replacing my two RT-AC86U (AC2900) devices with one (or two) GT-AC5300 units to create a homogenous router environment.

    Outside of stability, would there be any real tangible benefits to doing this from a performance perspective? Right now, all the routers in the AiMesh have wired connections, so they are not using 5GHz channel to communicate. I know that the GT-AC5300 is tri-band and 4x4 configuration on 2.4Ghz and both 5GHz bands, while the RT-AC86U (AC2900) devices are dual-band with a 3x4 configuration on 2.4GHz and 4x4 on the 5GHz band. So, in real world practice, do you anticipate that replacing the RT-AC86U would make a noticeable difference in throughput, or performance in general?

    If it helps, I have about 80 devices connected in my home, with roughly two thirds being wireless.

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