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    Exclamation G751JY Shutdown Issue (Circuit Problem) Where should i look?

    Hello community.

    I'm from Germany and 30 years old.
    (So ​​please don't scold me if my English isn't perfect.)
    I have owned the G751 since 2015 and have always been satisfied so far.
    But this one tiny thing is just really annoying!

    It is a known problem with the G751 notebook and I have not yet found a solution on how to fix this problem.

    In advance:
    -It's not the battery (New battery is already installed but the issue is the same)
    -It's not Windows
    -It's not the bootloader or anything like that
    -The problem is without a charger, not with the charger connected. (added 26.10.2020)
    -It is the mainboard <<<<

    I just know it's getting worse.
    At first it was at 60% remaining capacity of the battery.
    Then it was 70% and now at about 80% the laptop switches off.

    The laptop only turns off when the load (CPU and or GPU) becomes too high.
    (Apparently with a high battery load)
    If i reduce the brightness and reduce the CPU performance to <50%, it will work until about 15-20% remaining battery capacity.
    If I limit the CPU performance more than <50%, it works even up to 5% remaining battery capacity.

    So, a function (or circuit) has to be installed somewhere that checks the voltage at which the battery should switch off the laptop.

    I know that you don't need to ask Asus support, they have no idea either.
    I'm an electrician and I'm trying to find the problem, but of course it's difficult without schematics.

    My question is, has anyone looked into the circuitry yet?
    Does anyone know where on the board the battery voltage is checked or know which component on the board is slowly dying?

    Is it possible to reduce the (critical) tension in the bios?
    Flashing Bios is not a problem, but I have to know which setting is responsible for it.
    There must be a setting somewhere that says that the laptop should be switched off from a critical (voltage?) Limit.

    I hope there are some electronics specialists here too.
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