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    Fan Xpert 4 - GPU Temps

    So I have a Maximus XI Hero (WIFI) and a Strix 2070 O8G.

    In Fan Xpert I can set chassis fans to use GPU temp as an input. Yet when my temps start to come up, the chassis fans are not spinning up to the correct speed based on GPU temp. I get the Yellow dot showing where the temp is and where the speed is currently with the ghost dot where it needs to go up to. Fans all have a 1 sec spin up and down but do not reach the correct RPM. The RPM stays at the RPM it would be if it was running of the CPU temp. So if at 40 it should be at 400 rpm and at 70 1000rpm the dot shows on the chart at 400 rpm and 70 degrees.

    But what is odd is this is only on those fans hooked to the chassis fan connectors. The fans running on my extension card are spinning up correctly. Am I missing something in how I need to configure this or is this just a defect of fan xpert? I did try disabling QFAN control on those fans in the BIOS to let fan xpert have complete control but that did not work.


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