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    M.2 NVME drives disappears after applying overclocking profile

    I have built up a new rig a few months ago based on a Maximus XI Hero and an I9-9900KF. It is a multi boot system with two separate OS (Win10) each one installed on its own drive. I have a Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 NVME in the M2.2 slot and a Sabrent Rocket M.2 NVME in the M2.1 slot. I have always been applying a mild overclocking to run flight sim applications (not a 24/7 overclocking, but just limited to the use of flight sim) and it has always run very smooth and stable. However, just recently I have started to have this problem: whenever I apply my overclocking profile (the usual one), upon reboot, the Sabrent drive in the M.2.1 slot just is not shown in explorer, not shown in the bios and not shown in the startup options (F8). Only after restoring normal defaults, but only after a few reboots it appears again and remains there at every reboot as long as I don't overclok the system. The only thing that has changed between before and after this issue has been the BIOS update (I am now running the latest version).
    Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue ? Is it a BIOS problem ? Any indication would really be appreciated.


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    Carlyle2020 PC Specs
    MotherboardAsus Maximus XI APEX
    Processorgaming9900ks@5.2/avx 0/ adaptive vcore / 1.35+0.020 offs/LLC5/ac ll 0.01/TVB off/power saving on
    Memory (part number)Gskill 4400 CL16 /65k r /65k w / 60k c
    Graphics Card #13080 ftw ultra /pads on backplate
    Sound CardXonar STXII mods:3xLME 49720NA
    MonitorLG 38GL950G / -HDR / +madVR
    Storage #12TB 970evo plus nvme
    Storage #21TB 960evo nvme +2x 1tb evo 860 hw-sata-raid
    CPU Coolerarctic freezer II 280
    CaseUnique Silverstone FT2 dampened up the wazoo V2.0
    Power SupplySeasonic TX-850
    Keyboard Cherry KC 1000 on top of a cherry MX1 for ergonomics :)
    Mouse MX Master 3
    Headset Sennheiser PC360 + Philips X2HR
    Headset/Speakers A250 / cause LG was stingy
    OS Win 10 64bit
    Network Routeryeah right...
    Accessory #1 Silverstone EBA01 headphone stand / black
    Accessory #2 radio Keyfob to turn on and off
    Accessory #3 4 bay fantec /10tb red/+scrap

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    Since you have mentioned mutli-bootup/multi-os, google: "Windows 10 - Repair EFI Partition" and see if it may apply to you.

    I have kinda "lost" my main os partition after playing with ram clocks.

    With the help of an win usb-stick and diskpart i could remedy my issue.

    Good Luck !
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