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    Quote Originally Posted by repije View Post
    Hey, I'm having a similar problem, with my x570 e-gaming!

    I had 2*8GB ram 3600Mhz CL18 from corsair vengance pro.

    I added another 2* 8GB total 4*8GB

    Seem all ok the profile for AMD Profile to boost the frequency is active to 3600Mhz I can boot and do all but for some reason sometimes i get a green screen, saying i computer can't write to a read only memory.

    Should i disable the Ram profile XMP/XMS don't know the name, and try to Overclock "by hand", can this be a bad memory module ?

    I did ear the clicks on the 2 new modules and they are all lined up the 4 DIMMS.

    Any ideas? This ram tweaks are such a pain never a good way to test...


    There are plenty of good ways to test memory stability. Use HCI Memtest or Karhu Ramtest. Mixing memory kits remains a fundamentally bad idea if not looking to tweak settings, always purchase single kits if not wishing to tune in this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by repije View Post
    Try with 2 sticks first at the XMP profile then bum the speed.. then luck comes in for 4 sticks..
    I feel like I have tried all different combinations of slots, number of sticks, speed, DOCP on/off. All I know is that I can't run stable with 4 sticks, or with any number of sticks running at high speeds. I have only been able to work/game for hours without crash with only 2 sticks at 2133mhz. I don't think I can even run the system stable with 1 or 2 sticks of the other RGB memory at 2800mhz or whatever instead of 4000.

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