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    Im just reminding, because it can happen again, which it did 3 times last year for anything with massive amounts of people entering. Thats why of course Im trying to make sure haha, I had it VERY Ruff last year sadly with alot of stuff :-\ But like you said I took it like a team player, of course I always wanted to make sure too though because of previous and make sure im included! haha.

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    Well ... not to say much .. as you havent ... as i remember you sorta have one coming to ya somehow..
    so im hop'n ya double extra good luck this year ... hahhahaa ... you got bang'd out three times in a row ..
    and went ... well OK .. for ROG ... rule details are rule details --
    No wonder you just want 'to make sure' up front ... sometimes fair take time.
    I was just pointing out that you were beyond gentleman then too.c.

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