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    Quick Question: How do I set up adaptive/offset voltage on an ASUS Prime Z390-A?

    I've dialed in all of my overclocks and essentially finished configuring everything I want to in the BIOS.
    However, offset/adaptive voltage has always eluded me a bit, since it's not that simple of a thing to set up.

    To keep the question basic: My current manual Vcore is 1.38V with an LLC of 6. This is what I need to be stable.
    According to HWiNFO, the absolute max voltage is 1.394V, and the minimum is 1.376V.

    If I wanted to set up adaptive/offset voltage, what should I do? Thank you.

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    Am doing something similar, I am trying to use LLC level 6 but it's being a bit funny, can u test something for me, on LLC level 6 this could help us both, lower Ur voltage down to 1.30v and if Ur using a 9th gen cpu put in multiplier of x49, while in the bios, select voltages and select adaptive, input the voltage, then choose the + symbol and leave it as +1v, save and go to windows, and run prime 95 and select small fft, run for around 10 mins, and list the vcore voltage, screen cap would be awesome, then decrease Ur vcore voltage to 1.200v leave LLC 6, and test again using prime 95 small ftt, if u get the exact same voltage using LLC level 6 as first test, then as I suspect the voltages ur using ar too high. For a i7 9700k 4.9ghzt is around 1.291v/1.32v Ur hitting nearly 1.4v to high bud.
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