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    Question Zenith Extreme - all disks disappeared (NVME & SATA)

    I cannot see any disks on my Zenith Extreme. It has worked perfectly for 2.5 years Today after I opened the case to remove a faulty SSD, I put it back together and none of my disks are visible.

    • M.2: Samsung 960 Pro, Win 10 OS Disk
    • DIMM.2: Two Samsung 970 EVOs (Raid 0)
    • SATA6G_4: Samsung 840 2.5"
    • SATA6G_6: Samsung 840 EVO 2.5" (faulty disk I removed)

    What I believe has happened is that I may have accidentally held the CLEAR CMOS button on the back when I was putting this rather heavy machine back into an awkward under-desk mount after I removed the disk.

    I built the machine 2.5 years ago, so I don't remember the correct BIOS settings. Can somebody with a similar disk setup confirm their BIOS settings?

    I've reset the BIOS and applied these settings:

    Launch CSM: Enabled
    Boot Device Control: UEFI Only
    Boot from Network Devices: UEFI Driver First*
    Boot from Storage Devices: UEFI Driver First*
    Boot from PCI-E Expansion Devices: UEFI Driver First*

    I can't believe that all my disks have failed in the space of 10 minutes. Or the SATA and M.2 have both failed on the motherboard. I have removed all disks. Reinserted some. Reinserted all. Nothing visible in the BIOS. Booted from WIn10 USB - no disks visible to installer.

    It must be some BIOS setting I'm overlooking. If not, what else can I do to troubleshoot? Even with all the NVME's removed, I can't see the 2.5" 840 EVO even to install windows on it. I'm at a total loss!

    EDIT: I connected a known-working HDD to the SATA plugs. It doesn't start spinning when I power on. I think this is a power issue. But why the M.2 disks also are not visible???
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    Each disk had its own issue. Now resolved.

    The M.2 drive with the OS on it reappeared after I reinserted it 3 times. The OS was corrupt and wouldn't boot. Reinstalled Windows. No idea what caused this.

    After the reinstall, the two DIMM.2 drives reappeared in Windows. Pending raid driver install. Possibly the accidental BIOS reset caused this.

    The power cable for the SSDs in the SATA6G slots had become dislodged slightly.

    It was freaky to have all drives disappear. And all for different reasons.
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