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    ROG Guru: White Belt Array AliAPCMR PC Specs
    AliAPCMR PC Specs
    MotherboardZ390 E
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    LLC Levels Not working as they should (Please Help)

    Hi guys i have been at this for 4 days, i was able to pick up a intel i7 9700k for a good price from amazon, I installed it on my z390 e asus mobo. The issue is when i select level 6 llc it does nothing, my bios states i need 1.290v for a 4.9ghzt OC. So soon as i add that voltage in my bios VCORE and restart my pc and run a prime 95 stress test the voltage is around 1.33v and fluctuates to 1.34v, Now i know LLC is designed to combat VDROOP which is why the VOLTAGE is higher in this instance. But I was under the impression LLC trys and keeps the VOLTAGE as close as possible to vcore and this is no where near, infact its way higher, But soon as i reduce the VCORE in the bios even as low as 1.10v with LEVEL 6 LLC, I re run a prime 95 stress test, the voltage is exaclty the same at 1.33v and flucutates to 1.34v. If i increase the VCORE in bios from 1.290v to 1.32v it is then the LEVEL 6 LLC increases the voltage from 1.34v to around 1.400v and onwards, But anything other then the values of 1.190, 1.100, 1.290, 1.300, 1,305 or anything within this spectrum LLC LEVEL 6 does nothing and keeps the voltage at 1.33v and fluctutates to 1.34v every time. Its only when I increase the VCORE higher then 1.32v the LLC changes voltage. I believe this is not correct, am i missing somthing here. The average OC voltage for 4.9ghzt is 1.30v/1.290V to 1.310v/1.320. On level 5 llc i have to add 1.312v to the vcoree to gain a 1.296v on FULL load but idle is around 1.32v. This issue was on the z390 boards on the very first bios implimentation and ASUS released a bios update, I did update my bios as i didnt have this issus before. Any help would be greatful. Or any Asus member that can take a look and test this for them selfs. Spent 4 days stress testinga nd playing with voltages and watching tons of videos only to get no where, Thank u.
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    ROG Guru: Orange Belt Array XYchromosone PC Specs
    XYchromosone PC Specs
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    Storage #12 X Samsung 970 Pro NVMe 1TB M.2 SSD [DIMM.2_1+ DIMM.2_2]
    Storage #2Samsung 850 Evo SSD 500GB SATA 3
    CPU CoolerThermaltake Floe Riing 360 Premium AIO
    CaseFractal Design Define R6 Black
    Power SupplyCorsair AX1600i
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    have you tried LLC on Auto and repeated the Vcore voltages to see what the difference is between LLC6 and Auto? That's about all I can think of at this point.

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