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    Asus ROG PG248Q G-Synch Problem

    Hello Asus,
    I purchased a year ago the PG248Q LCD screen and I was very sure this screen is going to get full g-sync and smooth gaming experience.
    I noticed that every now and then, there's some problem when g-sync enabled. It was like g-sync was crushing and I saw Stuttering and frame drops with every game.
    I contacted ASUS company in my region and they took the screen to fix it.
    I have no idea what was wrong, and why I always get those frame drop constantly.
    My setup is:
    MSI Tomahawk Z39
    RTX 2060 Super Asus Strix gaming
    32 ram
    I own GTX 1080 too but I recently switch to RTX 2060 Super because I was trying to solve the graphic issue.
    Anyways, I just got the PG248Q back and it looks a bit smoother. But not "better" only smoother and looks like its base clock is changed or something else is very differ, it's like the g-sync refresh faster but not continuously.
    I don't know for sure if the problem is fixed but I can tell for sure that there's something very different now about the g-sync.
    I can tell that they wrote, they replaced for this fix - Asus LMT PG248Q NV G-SYNC MOD (CN). I'm very curios what is this part? Can anyone here can tell what this part is? Is this series of PG248Q has some known issues with g-sync or it's my rig's fault?
    Thanks in advance.

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