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    Rtx 3090 - low timespy score on balanced power plan

    Hello. I have Rtx 3090 Gaming Pro and 9700K stock. I have 17500 points in timespy graphic score which is low because on reviews i should be get 19.000+-. Powerplan is to balanced.
    WHen i change powerplan to fullperformance i am getting 19.000 points and its fine. I have newest nvidia drivers. Any ideas?
    In port royal i have 12.500

    My scores are normal with balanced power plan in:
    Unigine Superposition 1080P EXTREME ,12154pts<- normal, 3dmark extreme 23,500 gpu <--normal

    Only in timespy i have 1000 points gap between balanced vs max performance.
    During test cpu dropping random clocks in timespy on balanced. In max performance is steady 4600mhz so thats why i think i have lower score with balanced.
    In max performance i have 19000 gpu score +- in time spy.

    Games running ok with balanced.

    I have 9700K on stock

    Aorus Z390 Pro Gaming
    2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL
    9700K stock
    Seasonic 750W Ultra Titanium Plus Prime
    Windows 10 up to date no programs in background

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