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    Client list maximums for Parental Controls

    I have a GT-AC5300 I have been using, but the 16 client device limit for Parental Controls has been woefully inadequate. I seem to recall that I researched this issue and saw the next gen AX routers woudld support 64 clients, but I cannot confirm this in the GT-AX1100 operations manual.

    I recently added an RT-AX92U on the false memory that it would support more devices but this is not the case. I have the RT-AX92U setups as the primary router and the GT-AC5300 as an AiMeshe node, but I can only control 16 devices.

    Can anyone confirm if the new ROG router supports 64 devices or if the Merlin firmware will? I do need to be able to control this with the mobile app as well so that my wife and I can control these devices from our phone.

    Please any links or recommendations are appreciated!

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