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    AiMesh Configuration Question

    I currently am using a GT-AC5300 for the root node of my AiMesh configuration, and have two RT-AC86U mesh nodes. I have had various issues related to firmware updates periodically with this setup, so I started thinking about how I could potentially resolve this and maybe increase performance as well.

    Are AiMesh configurations that only contain a single router model inherently more 'stable' than mix-and-match router setups like mine? I know it is probably difficult to test and validate every combination between routers, but I thought others might be able to share more insights into this question. I have thought about replacing my two RT-AC86U (AC2900) devices with one (or two) GT-AC5300 units to create a homogenous router environment.

    Outside of stability, would there be any real tangible benefits to doing this from a performance perspective? Right now, all the routers in the AiMesh have wired connections, so they are not using 5GHz channel to communicate. I know that the GT-AC5300 is tri-band and 4x4 configuration on 2.4Ghz and both 5GHz bands, while the RT-AC86U (AC2900) devices are dual-band with a 3x4 configuration on 2.4GHz and 4x4 on the 5GHz band. So, in real world practice, do you anticipate that replacing the RT-AC86U would make a noticeable difference in throughput, or performance in general?

    If it helps, I have about 80 devices connected in my home, with roughly two thirds being wireless.

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    Did you reenable the 5ghz band that is automatically reserved for AiMesh?

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    The RT-AC86U are beasts real fast CPU and alot of ram. As a AiMesh Node they just do AP stuff so mixing models and stability shouldnt ber an issue. Unless you update those to a router with faster 5G throughput no real point IMO.
    To optimize your wifi make sure routers are not near electronics that draw alot of power, the power draw can cause interfearance. Keep away from other wireless stuff ie cordless phones, wireless baby monitors and so on they all will hurt the 2.4GHz since they all use 2.4 also blutooth speakers kill 2.4 wifi.. if you stream to a speaker while using 2.4 you will probably have issues.. Also microwaves while in use can drop 2.4 speeds..
    Lastly keep away from steel sheets and shelving, steel reflects wifi real good (Faraday cage) and can be a cause of proor wifi signal.

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