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    ROG Claymore German Layout

    Hi there!
    I have a ROG Claymore Keyboard and a minor issue regarding the color effects. It is a keyboard with a German Layout. We have some extra keys and some keys are on a different place.
    When I activate an effect like rainbow, 2 keys do not light up (# and < keys) and if I check Aura creator there is only a US layout to play with. The ripples effect (hopefully the right name in English) is also not triggered on those two keys.
    Effect that work without a problem is for example the pulse effect. All keys are working.

    I updated Armoury Crate and the firmware. But I'm not sure if this issue was there with the preinstalled firmware .
    Is there a firmware for specific countries? Or a possibility for a downgrade?
    Many thanks and regards!

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