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    Laptop keyboard constantly stops working

    Laptop Model: GL503GE

    Here is a bullet point summary of the issue:
    - Keyboard (and LED lights) stops working completely and doesn't show in Device Manager
    - An external keyboard plugged in to the USB port will work (and shows up in Device Manager)
    - I am typically able to fix my laptop keyboard through a combination of BIOS driver update, HotFix driver update or other drivers (to be honest, I am unsure which combination of driver works, it seems to be different every time)
    - A day or two after the fix, the LED lights stop working
    - About a month later, the keyboard stops working
    - I reinstall drivers and the cycle starts all over again

    I have tried sending in my laptop for repair, but all they did was update the drivers. Again, it worked for a month or two before the problem reoccurred. I tried speaking with customer service, but unfortunately it never goes anywhere.

    Has anyone found a permanent solution to this problem? I'm tired of randomly updating drivers every couple of months because my keyboard suddenly stops working. I would even settle for a bit of clarity on the drivers I should be using.

    Thank you.

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