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    ARMOURY CREATE 3.1.6. ASUS MAXIMUS XII FORMULA OLED 2 Issue with custom Pictures HELP

    Hello everybody,
    I have a problem with Armory Crate.

    If I want to switch the OLED 2 display to user-defined/custom images or animations, nothing happens. It always remains the ASUS ROG animation.

    I've already tried everything. The gifs are all in the correct format (I ran them on my old XI Formula Board before) and have also created new ones, but it doesn't work.

    The original ASUS animations, Temps, and Banners, work fine when I select them.

    I have the latest version of AC ( and the latest BIOS from the board (0707). Windows 10 Pro is up to date and everything else (microsoft visual c ++ etc.) I also tried to completely uninstall AC several times and all other services from ASUS. Unfortunately it doesn't help. The display does not upload custom gifs: /.

    Do any of you have similar experiences or an idea how to get this to work? Unfortunately there is no LIVE DASH as separate software for the XII Formula ..

    I appreciate any help .


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