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    That is "if" you get an new card. I have send mine in for repair and they haven't send it back instead they provided a refund.......I have been without a card for over 3 months now as my seller has not received new stock and Asus is doing noting to support. I am soo pissed now that I have listened to Blake and send my card in for RMA.

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    Seems like "unresolvable" issue. Or unresolvable by ASUS? I've got this reply:
    But from what I can read here it is not a good idea. I do not want another card. My silicon is very very good. And even the new cards have the same issue? ASUS should work this out and present some self-repair kit. Because this issue is likely to be present in every STRIX with this type of cooler... 3090, 3080, 3070, 6800, ... I can't imagine situation everyone RMAs it.

    The baddest thing is ... miners do not care about rattling. ASUS can take our cards and sell them to miners.

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