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    Post Advice (and bug report) on Q-Fan settings in BIOS

    Just bought a ROG B550-A, and found that fan setting in BIOS has a lot of useless limits and bugs:

    1. The fan set as DC Mode can not set duty cycle under 60% before using Qfan Tuning, even after Qfan tuning I can't change min duty cycle.
    EX: Before Qfan Tuning, the min duty cycle for DC Mode fan is limited at 60%, then I ran Qfan Tuning the min duty cycle auto changed to 30%, but I can't change this 30% to 31%~59%, BIOS always shows "Invaild Input Range".

    2. I must ran Qfan Tuning every time after clear CMOS or BIOS update.

    2. PWM fans set as PWM Mode does not have FAN Stop function even it can stop at 0% PWM.

    I don't know why ASUS can not just remove these limits and functions like MSI and ASRock, they are useless with a lot of bugs. Simply let user get full control of their fan settings is enough I think...

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