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    GL504GM Fan Issue

    Hello all, I tried to game it up tonight, to ya know, relax after a long day, and after booting up COD warzone, I got into the game, and noticed that my FPS was very low and the game was totally unplayable. I felt the laptop and it was extremely warm/hot and realized that it sounded like the fans weren't on as much as they should be? I took the back off of the laptop and turned the laptop on to see if the fans were working and sure enough they are still spinning, but not as rigrouous as they should be and the laptop will quickly overheat if I am doing something demanding, such as playing games.

    Why doesn't changing the fan settings in the ASUS Gaming Center not do anything? I tried to change the fan overboost setting and changing that doesn't seem to do anything?

    I actually have a replacement fan that I had on hand because the left fan has always been a little strange and started to make noises when I would be using my laptop on an uneven surface and so I was planning on replacing it. I tried to do that tonight but realized that I need to also remove the heatsink and I don't have any extra Artic Silver 5 on hand to do this fan replacement tonight. I also might need a right fan but I'm unsure?

    Any ideas? Is it the fans? You would think you wouldn't have these elementary problems when buying this high tech of a laptop.
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