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    Rod Strix GL 503 framerate dopping

    So my laptop is 3 year old and it has been working perfectly but last week i noticed that games began to run slowly and framrate looks terrible...around 20 FPS after 30 sec playing instead of 60+. I havent done any changes,power settings wont help,decreasing gaph settings wont help,driver update wont help etc. I reinstalled windows but it did not made any differnce. Bios version is 305 so it is original,should i update it or not?
    Or is it so that 3 year old laptop is too old already ? 🤔👎

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    Hello mtbbmw,
    Was the fan working fine?
    You may consider to do some simple cleaning, or you may send your device to service center for a more complete examination.
    Thank you.

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