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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul17041993 View Post
    The 'LightingService' service has a huge windows handle leak, at the time I disabled the service it had leaked over 7 MILLION (7,000,000+) windows handle objects. The expected maximum of any given process for comparison is only a few thousand, however most driver services don't usually need more than 200. This leak in the long run can result in kernel resource starvation, which is an event that can occur due to coded number limitations, as opposed to running out of addressable memory.
    Could this explain the blue screens that made me buy a completely new CPU/mobo/ram?

    I have been resetting my PC for more than 1 year in almost weekly intervals...

    Even now, I'm unsure if I will get a blue screen today or tomorrow since it has been a few days since I completely reinstalled windows.....

    Keep in mind, I have been using stable (most of the time bone stock) settings in my bios.
    The only "bloatware" that I feel is a necessity for my PC is Armoury Crate.
    I've somehow convinced myself over the years that it's something to do with my hardware and not the (only) 3rd party customization program I have been installing after every reset...
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