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    Asus rog gladius 2 wireless mouse do not go to sleep as intended

    I've already created a thread about this ( but I apparently also have to post it here, so here it goes.

    1. PC / Laptop: My own non-PC that consists of Ryzen 1600, 1080 TI and MSI SLI X370 MB and 16 GB RAM.
    2. Aura Sync products : ASUS ROG GLADIUS II WIRELESS
    3. 3rd-party peripheral, audio, or lighting software: I also use Razer Synapse to light up my Razer keyboard but there is no relation between that and Armoury Crate's lighting.
    4. Wired / wireless connection: Wireless
    5. Reinstalled Windows? No.
    6. Windows version & build Windows 10 2004 & Build: 19041.630
    7. Previous version of firmware or software that worked as expected: None. If anything, it seems like the problem got worse with the newest update.
    8. Clear description of your issue: I bought the ASUS Gladius 2 Wireless a few months ago but I noticed something with its sleep behaviour. No matter the time period I set for it to go to sleep in, it still wakes up on its own after approx. 10 seconds. Even does it if the PC is off and 'Wake up from USB' is enabled (only when the PC is off, it stops doing it when I remove the USB and plug it in again, after that it powers off as intended). It does the something on other PCs that doesn't have the ROG Armoury Software. I think this is a bug with the firmware.
    9. Any screenshots of the issue: Can't SS it but can send a video of it if need be.
    10. Use our new log collection function: Settings=>About=>App diagnostics: I've sent MasterC@ROG the log.
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