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    Strix 2080ti OC won't recognize ext fan

    I've connected one or two PWM fans to the front of the card, but in the (latest) GPUTweak II, the "calibrate" in "external fan/user defined" does not do anything other than flash the card's leds, and after 20 secs or so says "failed". Do I have a hardware problem, or is there something more I have to do?

    The ports seem to be working, because I can set a manual speed. But nothing seems to happen in temp-controlled "user defined" no matter how I set it. I do have "ext fan" enabled in the list.

    Also don't see how to save my Tweak setup to survive reboot; when I make a new set of values and hit "apply", the settings just switch back to default, unlike my earlier version of GPUT II - can't find a tutorial with complete info.
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