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    Desired Features For Future ROG Phones

    As an ROG Phone II owner, I'm already a potential customer for a new ROG Phone model, but that said, unless performance is doubled, not much can really convince me to upgrade from my ROG II.
    There were multiple reasons that I haven't upgraded to an ROG Phone III yet, and probably never will: The lack of a headphone jack immediately turned me away. Like the ROG Phone II, a 1 TB option was not available at launch, but that made me even less interested. Also, this may seem like a small thing, but the phone's design seems much less elegant as compared to the ROG Phone II. To me, the ROG II was the perfect balance between gamer aesthetic and a regular phone. The bronze accents by the speaker grilles really added to the design of the phone, plus, the rear design of colour-shifting lines, the rear vent, cameras and flashlight lenses really seemed to come together.
    Meanwhile, the ROG Phone III appeared to be more of a regular phone that put on some gamer make-up and tried to appeal to gamers. Yes, it's the highest performing phone in 3DMark, but the design of the phone seemed to have everything awkwardly fit together. In a way, it reminded me of the old ROG Strix GD30CI prebuilt gaming desktop that I used to use: They checked everything off the spec sheet, but lacked delivery of those specs. (For example, the RGB in the GD30CI was a single strip of a few LEDs on the motherboard - But hey, they can say it has RGB.)

    Sorry about the rant, but here's where the actual list of features I would like to see in future ROG Phones is:

    A headphone jack. First and foremost. Yes, the ROG III had one if you plugged the fan in, but nobody's going to do that just to listen to music.

    The same battery size, if not bigger. This is something that's obvious, but I thought I'd include it anyways.

    The same screen refresh rate. Don't waste money investing in anything faster than a 144Hz screen for phones - for now, at least. There aren't many competitive mobile games, if any, that benefit from a higher refresh rate.

    1TB of space at launch. The launch specs is what the majority of people will see. So, you need to put your best foot forward and give it everything you got right out of the gate if you want to remain on top.

    Good design. I really like the vent, the RGB and the colour-shifting lines, but they need to fit together. On the ROG III, the lines seemed to interfere with the camera and flashlight lenses too much and it seemed really awkwardly-designed.

    Also, software stability would be appreciated. I haven't been able to see how it is on the ROG III, but my ROG II crashes fairly often from niche activities. (Last I checked, it would crash every time I tried to watch a friend share their screen on Discord.)

    Lastly, this is something that I really hope makes it into the ROG Phone V, if not the ROG Phone IV: AMD's new mobile chip. Apparently they're using an extremely stripped-down version of RDNA2 as the GPU and they're already working with Samsung on putting it into a phone. From what I've read, it has around 50% more performance than a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. If Asus wants to hold onto the title of the most powerful gaming phone, they need to include RDNA2 in their devices.

    I don't really know how to wrap this up, but anyways, thanks for taking the time to read through my entire post.

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