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    ASUS TUF A17 FA706 memory bandwidth problems

    Hello to everybody
    I have an ASUS TUF A17 FA706IU.
    For begining everithing was fine. Until i read a review in internet and decide to compare results with my laptop.
    And i has found big difference in AIDA64 memory test
    Review has for read write an copy
    46563 45841 40163
    My best laptop results
    38942 36454 32326
    It's about 20% less(
    Also i found about 10 % lower productivity in 7-zip and WinRAR tests.
    Cinebench20/23 showing normal results.
    I've made a few tests with RAM modul 8GB 2666 and it works a little faster than 3200 cames in stock (in single channel)
    I found only one man who has same results.
    Is it normal such a big different?

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    Hello SVlads,
    If you have concern regarding these data, I would suggest you to send the device to our service center to go through further examination and testing.
    Thank you.

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