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    Zenith II Extreme Alpha HDD Code 02, CMOS Error

    Hey everyone, I’m having an issue with my pc boot right now. The last few days whenever I start my PC for the first time in the morning after shut down the previous evening it throws the following error: “Reboot and select Proper Boot device”.

    If I manually shut down and turn back on it would boot fine, however I tried looking into the error because it was annoying to have to start the PC twice each morning. I saw people saying disabling “CMS” in BIOS fixed the issue so I did that and now I’m getting post error and cannot get to BIOS. I’ve tried clearing CMOS and now get the following error on the motherboard screen: “HDD Code: 02” then “CMOS Error”

    ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha
    128GB DDR4 RAM
    AMD Threadripper 3970X
    Nvidia RTX 3090 Founders Edition
    Boot drive is M.2 SSD

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