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    Trying to install second m2 SSD

    Hi, with the maximus ix hero I am booting from a 250gb PnY NvME SSD in m2_1. I have been for awhile everything works fine. I just got a 960 EVO and i pop it into m2_2 and I cant get into BIOS or windows. It gets stick on the "Push delete or f2 to enter bios....Overclock 19%" screen. And it will just sit on that screen forever. I tried delete and f2 of course nothing works. The moment I unplug the 960 from m2_2 I can boot into bios or windows or wherever. The only other SATA port Im using is a 1 tb HDD. But thats plugged into SATA_3. So as far as im aware sata3 isnt turned off when using both nvme slots. I tried searching this and theres a couple like it but I cant seem to find anything close. Please help.

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