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    Lightbulb Make a motherboard with wider PCIe spacing

    I am a fan of ASUS in general. I plan on getting a pair of 3090s Strixes for my next PC build (not sure on how I am going to pull it off.) The problem is that all Z490 and X570s motherboards don't come with the the 4 way spacing needed since the NVLink bridge only comes in that size. Most motherboards have 2 PCI slots between the x16s slots which is fine for SLIing other cards that came with different sized bridges. I've seen you and other brands implement the 4 way spacing into enthusiast platforms such as Threadripper and Intel Extreme which are more focused on core count and workloads. The only solutions for x570 and SLI 3090s is MSI's Godlike go z490 which is Supermicro or stay on Z390 and use one of your older mothboards. I want to build system with 2 3090s without switching motherboards and throwing off the Aura I have constructed a rig over the years consisting of my Tridentz, Thor and 2080 Ti Strix and Hero X. I don't want to kill the RGB because I went MSI which is incompatible. Going to Intel X series or Threadripper is just more expensive and that platform wasn't designed for gaming.

    This motherboard is the most typical layout, but it can only accommodate triple spaced cards. This wasn't an issue with Turing and earlier since bridges came in sizes.

    You could replicate your WS pro series of motherboards:
    This motherboard isn't the newest, but it has the ideal layout for spacing 2 3090s which only comes in one bridge size.

    Moving forward, I hope future Z and X series motherboards will different options for PCI spacing assuming SLI is still around (i know SLI is dying.)

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