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    Crosshair VIII Impact Bios Bug from 2311 ++

    Hi, i somehow discovered a bug in the Versions above 2311.

    If i flash any Version above 2311 to the Impact and save something to the Bios on the next boot the debug LED immediatly stucks at 92.
    It also happens when i dont change anything, simply hit F10 and Enter.

    All that helps is a CMOS Reset then. After the rest i can boot back to the bios and need to use Discard Changes and Exit.
    Then everything is working normally.

    Maybe you can fix this in newer Versions.
    (It may take some minutes to see it live)



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    same board no such issues so far (besides other bugs) BUT, reset CMOS first and don't uses Bios built in flasher... just rename Bios to C8I.CAP and use USB BIOS Flashback.

    right now on 2502 and I can save what ever I want

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