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    no warranty on rtx 2080 because of slightly damaged plastic shell

    i think this is an important subject, i lost the warranty on my rtx 2080 ti because the plastic easily replacable shell has been damaged, this shell is so cheap looking that i didn't take care of it or cared about it and it's another subject that it's unacceptable to sell a $1000+ card made of the cheapest looking plastic when the 780 ti was made in metal with no third party designs seriously it's the least attractive and yet most expensive card i've had how could you do this how?, and now my card possibly is failing and i get no warranty because of a seperate plastic shell that has a small piece on the edge missing that i could easily and invisibly replace, for being a gaming brand that encourages overclocking voiding warranty for a plastic shell without any type of "warranty void if seal is broken" is pretty stupid to me.

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