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    benefit on Video rendering - Vegas Pro 18

    The resizable BAR function appears to have a 5-10% benefit (faster video rendering) in Vegas Pro 18.
    This is based on tests with several motherboards X299 i did in the last 2 months (with i9 10980XE and XFX6800XT).
    Best of all was MSI X299 Creator - which has included BAR in its January Bios update - while the Asus ROG VI Encore lags behind by 5-10%.
    Similarly, in early January I tested an Asus Prime X299 A-II and had similar performance to the Rampage - After updating its BIOS (901) which included BAR upgrade, it came much closer to the MSI, although it was a weaker specs M/B.

    So, ceteris paribus, I suspect the resizable BAR function in BIOS was decisive.
    Once they update also the Encore BIOS I will test to confirm or not.

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