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    Asus GL504GM doesn't boot and produce ticking sound from motherboard

    Does any experience a scenario when you turned on your Laptop, you will a hear a tick sound (E.g Clock seconds moving), keyboard flash the lights and will power off itself and repeat itself?!AtMswBrKeLWkh78L..._6rLA?e=sM2Cah

    Temporary fix to turned on the laptop was

    [1st day]
    1. Opened the laptop, unplug and replug the fan and battery connector

    [2nd day]
    2. Opened the laptop, unplug the fan and battery connector, press and hold the power button for 1minute and replug the connector

    P.S 1: Laptop was on hibernate mode
    P.S 2: My Asus v2.3.5.0

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