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    Big Problem with resetting my GL 702 VM, panicking right now!

    Ok guys, Im selling my GL702VM tomorrow, and was going to do a factory reset for the guy. The problem is, I changed the main HDD to a samsung evo 960 a year ago, and formatted the original drive, so I lost the recovery partition.

    Im on BIOS v 305, appaently there is a v310, but no utility to install it.

    For the longest time, the laptop has been unable to install win10 updates. When restarting, it just freezes on the ROG logo, no spinning circle with dots. I have to turn off and on again to get it to work. the win update that would not install is 20H0 (KB4592438)

    Now I created a bootable usb from microsoft update utility and after a few freezes and restarts im in to WIN10 again, now looking totally different than when it was a ROG machine. No more Gaming Center, the ROG key on numpad does not work, card readere does not work,, fn button does not work. I have not installed any new drivers though.

    It still wont restart, it freezes on ROG, and I have to turn off and on to get in to win. Is it the bios, and if it is, how do I install the latest version?

    All I want is to reset it to what it was like, when I got it, looking and working like a ROG machine.

    can somebody please help me?

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    1. Format your hard drive.

    2. Reinstall Windows 10 using the Media Creation Tool found here:

    3. Use the GL702VMK Driver DVD (eSupport Folder) found on this site:

    This will restore your laptop to near ORM condition. If you want more information about this German website and/or the eSupport folder, please look at my sticky at the top of this forum page.

    Good Luck
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