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Thread: Screen Issues

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    Question Screen Issues

    Not certain if this is an ASUS laptop issue or Windows issue, but I'll start here. I've had my ROG for 4 years now and recently the screen started doing weird things. Most times there are these purple, grey, green, white "lines" if you will that begin to form a growing transparent layer over the screen from bottom to top. It almost looks like someone raising stained glass over it. If I ignore it that usually clears up after a few minutes. At times the screen simply flickers with this as well. Recently the screen also went black while everything else was working (keyboard lights, sound, mouse click). Had to hard shut down when this happened. Lastly I noticed when I have a window up, let's say Chrome browser for example, that I can notice a slight movement in the a jitter.

    Does anyone know what the issue is before I a) attempt to fix it and make it worse (or not fix at all) or b) break down and buy a new laptop?

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    In my opinion I would guess you are having problems with your GPU and not your screen.

    Have you tried a repaste?

    Good Luck
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    Hello PotaRotaTV,
    May I have some picture or video of the issue?
    Thank you.

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