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    Unhappy Certain Games Won't Launch

    Hi guys! I just got an Asus G74SX laptop and I'm overly thrilled and happy with it.

    I've run into a bit of trouble though. I went ahead and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit version and now, some games just won't start.

    These games are Starcraft 2, Dirt 3 and Deus Ex, Human Revolution.

    I tried running them as Administrator, running them in compatibility mode, all sorts of those and...nothing.

    When I double click on the icon, the system appears to be loading and then it just stops and nothing is launched (not even Deus Ex Settings).

    I've just installed the latest NVIDIA Drivers for 64 bits, I've reinstalled DirectX 9 and 11 a couple of times, like other posts said on the web and I'm still not over the issue. My next step would be dual-booting with Windows 7 32 bit, but I want to check if perhaps someone here has a better solution to that. So far, I haven't found anything that would solve my problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'd hate to have to run a 32 bit operating system and limit my gorgeus 16 Gigs of RAM.

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    Did you do a clean install of Win 7 64?

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    The laptop came running MS-Dos. I formatted, deleted and recreated partitions and then cleanly installed Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit version.

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    With no error message it's going to be very difficult to troubleshoot. You could check the Windows event log viewer to see if there is anything interesting there I suppose.
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    generaly speaking if games wont launch and you may find some other software may not lauch either then the problem may be one of 2 things
    first your machine is infected with a virus or malware
    this is less likely if your install of windows is new but it realy depends on what sites youve been visiting and what youve installed
    scan your machine with your usual antivirus and maware tools. if your machine is badly infected the best option is to reinstall windows

    second theres a problem with your windows install or something you have installed
    assuming this is not caused by the first option run a system restore, 9 times out of 10 this will resove the issue if the software worked before

    try restarting your machine with a selective startup, using msconfig (start search msconfig) untick load startup items, this may identify if something youve installed is causing the problem. althogh it may not eliminate software firewalls or your AV as the cause.. try using diagnostic startup as a last resourt if your pc is not connected to the www, but this will give you more of an idea if the problem is cause by software installed on your PC

    try creating a new windows logon preferably with admin level access. if this works then your install of windows is in bad shape. the fix with XP it was simply a case of recreating and deleting accounts, with w7 its not quite so easy. try running SFC (system file check) from an admin command prompt type SFC /scannow
    or repair using your windows install disk although imho this tends to only put a plaster on the wound, it dosent actualy cure the underlaying problem

    also try a reinstall of windows, even if you use a dual boot with the same OS, instal drivers only and the software your having a problem with then test and only after testing install other softare patches and service packs
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