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    When will Armoury Crate integrate Corsair products?

    So I'm a big fan of the Asus Armoury Crate software when it comes to controlling my RGB x470i motherboard. Its simple to use, uses very low resources, doesn't crash and has more lighting options.

    Unlike iCUE software from Corsair, which to me is unoptimized bloatware. However, I have noticed that iCUE has now included Asus motherboards to connect into iCUE to have synchronicity in lighting between Corsair products and Asus motherboards.

    My question is, can Asus consider doing the same thing on their end. Integrate Corsair rgb products into their own armoury crate?

    That way, users can choose which software they prefer.

    iCUE is a terrible piece of software, where the K55 keyboard for example, has been taken out of the lighting link (no longer allowing my mouse and keyboard to synchronise rgb with latest software). Yet, third party products are allowed to integrate.

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