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    Clean Turn OFF RGB on Strix 3080/3090

    I am not a fan of the RGB's, not only on my Strix 3090, but RGB's in general. As for now, the only option is to install AURA CREATE to turn the RGB's off.

    Would be nice if after installing Aura and adjusting RGB's to our preferred settings we could use AURA uninstall tool and totally uninstall the software, and the RGB settings could be preserved in the cards BIOS.

    Right now if you uninstall AURA Create and you shot down your system, the next time you boot up the RGB settings are gone and reverted back to defaults (RGB rainbow)

    ASUS!! Please consider to make that change.
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    Agreed!! I don’t want any additional software installed to control this. I’d rather have the option to have a blacked out card.

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    I have a strix rtx 3090 and have the same problem. I found a work around to keep the RGB off. You need a system restore point before you install armoury crate if you dont have it you may need to reinstall windows.

    Create a system restore point before you install armoury crate
    install armoury crate;
    When the install finish DO NOT LAUNCH, the RGB should turn off;
    use the system restore point you created to reset your pc;
    optional: manually delete all the files installed earlier;
    you can shut down/sleep/reboot your pc the RGB will stay off but if for some reason you have to unplug your pc from the wall the RGB will turn back on and you have to do the process again
    if you didnt create a system restore point before you install armoury crate it's not likely going to work next time

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