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    Support has apparently lost my 2080TI


    I submitted an RMA request for my 2080TI experiencing the space invaders issue with code-43 and it was approved. I shipped it 12/7/2020 and got confirmation (and signature) it was delivered on 12/9. However, whenever I check my RMA status it is stuck at "Thanks for your inquiry! Service center has received your request and is waiting for your product to arrive."

    It is now 1/5/2021. I've requested numerous updates, but I keep getting only canned responses with literally every one of them saying "I have personally requested for this case to be brought up to speed so we can have this concern resolved and closed the soonest. Once an update is available, we'll make sure to let you know."

    I would be irritated but not concerned if the RMA status was anything but "waiting for your product to arrive."

    It's a $1400 video card. That's a lot of money. I've been waiting for almost a month for them to even confirm that they have my video-card that I sent in good faith that they'd handle it.

    It's the second one that I've had to send in. The RMA is under the original S/N despite them sending me one with a new S/N on it, which is documented in the paperwork included as well as in my support ticket.

    I've only ever had good experience with ASUS and it's support, but the combination of facts that I've been completely unable to use my computer for a month, having an extremely expensive item apparently missing at the service center AND nobody providing me anything more than canned responses has me... Less than happy.

    What are my options? At this point I'm convinced someone bungled it and lost it. Does someone eventually suck it up, apologize for bungling it and send me a new one? Do I just have to just keep waiting hoping they don't keep ignoring it? Does ASUS just steal $1400 from me?

    I have the original serial number, the ticket where they said they're sending me the one I submitted (but cannot register for whatever reason), my current RMA number, my case number(s), the works.

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