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    Unhappy unrepairable Asus Zephyrus 2080 Max Q

    Hey guys,

    I am writting this hoping i can get some help or advice.

    I bought an 8th gen ASUS ZEPHYRUS with an NVIDIA 2080 Max-q late last year which today was declared to be unrepairable, so I was informed by asus that any further detail about the replacement i should work it with the store, and they only gave me the option to get a new computer according to the amount of money i payed.

    so I somehow ended in this tricky scenario wondering, is that is how ASUS warranty works?, if they can not repair the product, then you are stuck with money to be spent where you originally bought the computer and under their terms?.
    saddly because of the pandemic and my location, if I intent to get an equivalent system then I have add a considerable additional amount of money.

    Hope someone out there could give me some guidance on this, it would be very much Appreciated.

    Jorge Villalon

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    Hello kokeqwer,
    Please kindly PM me your product SN.
    And what was the issue that you send the device to service center?
    Thank you.

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