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    Asus Maximus XII Extreme 4266MHz RAM works bad...


    i own this memory kit:
    G.Skill 32GB 4.266Mhz CL17

    This kit never worked at full speed - the max i got was 4.100Mhz 16-16-36 (GSAT & HCI stable)
    on two 9900KS on 2 maximus XI Extreme

    Now i got 2x Maximus XII Extreme and 2x 10900K (SP100 & SP110)
    And on both this kit works bad... max 3.900mhz CL16 is now stable (not 100% sure)

    Is this Board training something so GSAT wont run stable?

    BTW: i got a MSI Z490 Godlike and this Kit runs perfect GSAT & HCI MemTest stable (each 12 hours runs)
    only with VCCIO&VCSSA 1,12V

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