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    Thumbs up Asus RMA still hell in 2021

    My name is Jesus Serrano.*
    RMA #*USDAM10072
    Monitor : Asus PG27UQ
    Case #*N2101039340
    *Well here we go again. 2021 and Asus RMA is still just as terrible as itís always been. My asus very VERY VERY expensive Asus PG27UQ started randomly turning off by itself after 15-20 minutes of use and the only way to fix it was to unplug the monitor and plug it back in. Then, it would turn off again every 5 minutes and I would have to repeat a few more times until I got tired of it. My monitor is still under warranty so I create an RMA with Asus support and send the monitor to them with one of their courtesy fedex labels. *I sent it to them with an RMA sheet stating what the issue was even though I had already put the same information in the support site to get the RMA too. I also let asus know that the monitor had a small scratch on the bottom left and that I was aware of it.*

    I sent the monitor to asus in itís box with the foam cushions just as I received it. They receive it and send me an email stating they received it. Next, I get an email stating that to fix the LCD screen it would be about $1352 (not a word about the power issue that I sent it in for). They send pictures of what seemed to be a broken LCD screen which must HAVE OBVIOUSLY HAPPENED IN TRANSIT and they say itís not covered by warranty and that thereís no damage to the box so I MYSELF must have shipped it broken. Do you not know that fedex and all of these companies mistreat packages all the time and it could have easily been tossed around? I DID NOT send it in broken.

    After telling them that all I needed was the power issue and that I did not send it in broken Iím told in another response that they can fix the power issue and just send it to me back with the broken LCD screen!! What?? I didnít send it with a broken screen so why would I have them fix the power issue and just send it back broken when I sent it to them with a working screen with only a small scratch on the bottom? I have pictures too of the scratch and the screen in good shape before I sent it! I need someone at asus to help with this because I donít believe this is right! Iím so glad I cancelled my order for the asus 360hz and the asus pg43. Iíll look for another brand even though I prefer asus just because the customer service has been terrible every single time! Who can I escalate this to? Or am I just out of a $2000 monitor? Thereís no way in hell replacing the screen is $1352*

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