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    Asus GT-AX11000 Port Forwarding

    I just purchased a new home. Couldn't run a cable drop to my office based on the home layout. So I decided to go a different route. Wifi 6. Based on reviews, the AX11000 was the way to go. It's as advertised, blazing fast. I get 600+mbps over wifi. I am a avid gamer. I play online shooters mostly. This router was build for gamers. It's all over the box. Yet, I am having the absolute wort time opening ports for anything... Gaming or even my Plex server. I will list out the things I have done and what I have on the network, maybe someone who has had this issue and or is smarter than I am, can help me out.

    Modem/Router: ATT BGW210 Set to Bridge mode

    GT-AX11000 set to handle all traffic and ip distro. The gaming PC is on its own wifi channel that is built for one device.

    The two examples I will use are COD Black ops and Overwatch. Both games show that I have a NAT set to moderate. As for Plex, it can't be reached from outside the network.

    The Asus router has the WAN IP from the ISP. So there isn't any double DHCP server issues.

    I have used the automated Open NAT option in the ASUS router for both COD and OW. Both still show moderate NAT.

    I used check my port online tool to see if they are open and they report back as closed.

    I also went in to advanced WAN options to manually put in the port forwarding rules. Both still show moderate NAT.

    I have rebooted the router, I have rebooted the modem. I have shut down both PC and server and all networking equipment. Rebooted it all and still nothing.
    Firewall on windows 10 has exceptions for all the games.

    It is driving me up a wall... This is the most simplistic thing to do on a router and I have never had any issues on any router in my life. I do not understand what is going on. If anyone can help, I would sure appreciate it!

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    I solved by opening the doors manually.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    the automated open NAT is not working perfectly
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