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    crash's and unstability on newer 1.2.0 bios - error 8

    Since Version 4102 bios update when gaming i have sometimes Black screen of death and then on the Qcod i have it lit with "8"

    im on a CH7WIFI + 2700x clocked at 4.3 + 16gb3200cl14 clocked at 3600cl15

    i saw some people saying that error 8 could be ram, since i had it overclocked i reverted the clock back to defaults and still had the issue (or worse)

    think im gona stick with older bios

    wonder if anyone with same problem

    edit: so i reverted to 4007 but dunno why i cant have my cpu manual clock at 4.3 again.. its at 4.2 wit 1.375 as soon as i try any config at 4.3 immediately crash's at stress tests.
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    Hello, Q-Code 8 indicates an issue with the CPU. Reset to optimised defaults. If the issue persists, reseat the CPU and cooler whilst checking for even mounting pressure.

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