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    Armoury Crate latest version and Ryujin latest update it not fix the Ryujin LiveDash problem.
    After ASUS release the Armoury Crate version 4.0.8. LiveDash of Ryujin not remember the latest setting. Hardware Monitor mode or Turn Off LiveDash after restart, or shutdown PC. When you turn on PC the LveDash show default ROG logo. I must open Armoury Crate for setting everytime. Ryujin HTML 1.03.11 update on 08/04/2021 it fix this problem only restart status but when you shutdown PC and turn on it still not remember the latest setting.
    Yesterday (20/04/2021) Armoury Crate update the Ryujin HAL v.1.129 and Device SDK v.2.01.14 it still have this problem. It not remember latest LiveDash setting.

    I want to know when will ASUS fix this problem...

    I move from LiveDash + AuraSync to ArmouryCrate because it remember the latest setting when you restart or shutdown. It's not necessary to open program for setting every time when you turn on PC. But this version is No. You must setting everytime.....

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