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    Underclocking GPU for Better performance in GAMING!

    I mean Undervolting hah..
    I've seen a lot of people asking how to undervolt and after try it myself i've found it quite beneficial for many games especially when high memory is used
    Hitting the power limit is the worst thing, so overclocking to the max is not always the best option.

    1st - Run the OC Scanner to determine your average offset,
    2nd - Create a new Profile Go to User Define on the Mghz Frequency and hit default and save
    3rd - add the average offset to each mV point
    4th - using the last 3 voltage points determine your undervolted frequency or your max OC freq, at a slightly higher voltage
    If you even off the last mV/frequency points it makes the gpu pick the lowest mV - thus an undervolt.
    If you make the points more than 15 mghz increase it will pick the best Mghz/ mV available

    heres a quick video
    Happy Overclocking
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    Undervolting Ampere is one of the best things you can do. The silicon is stretched quite thin as it is, so reducing power consumption is beneficial in order to find the best ratio at voltage points lower along the curve. This is at odds with some users who constantly request higher power limits on 3090 cards. Whilst being on ambient there is very little benefit.

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