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    Strix G531GU laptop problems with win10 freezing, blue screens, no wifi&bluetooth

    I've been having problems with my system randomly freezing, forcing me to force shut down, coupled with bluetooth& wireless crashing and at its worst I've had blue screens with the code "WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR".

    To start at the beginning, all these problems started after a recent reinstall of windows. Sometimes the system froze while just browsing the internet, or watching a movie so I wasn't running anything demanding and after a force shut down and reboot it would be ok. I first thought it was because of Chrome so I cleared my history, ran a system file check and unistalled&reinstalled it. But after another freeze I completely lost wireless&bluetooth connectivity and decided to do a fresh install.

    I wiped the partitions, redid them, formatted everything and did a fresh windows install & of all the recent drivers, including Armoury Crate, Sonic Studio etc. I am running Win 10 20H2 because this is the version I had already previously made using the Microsoft's creation tool. Still the problems persisted & it got so bad that the laptop would not boot up.

    I've sent it into service where they just updated the BIOS and said the problem is fixed. But when I got home, proceded to install windows, all the drivers as usual and yest again, blue screen, no wifi, no bluetooth. After reboot the wifi was back somehow, no bluetooth so I ran a hardware diagnostic in MyAsus and suggested that I reset the BIOS. Did that, bluetooth as back, ran the hardware diagnostic again, everything clear, 0 problems, and then the system froze again.

    Proceeded to do another win install and latest thing as the whole system froze during the installation, while on the "Getting ready" screen so I shut it down because there was nothing else I could do and now the laptop doesn't boot. And the plugged in LED stays lit even when I remove the cable.

    So, is anyone else having similar problems or do you have any idea what I could do? I suspect there might be a conflict between one of the latest drivers or Arnoury crate and Win 20H2, is this possible?

    I forgot to mention that I was running 20H2 before the first reinstall and all the problems but it was upgraded to that version and the drivers I installed where those availeble at the time of purchase, November 2019 (with whatever updates came through Win update)

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