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    the rog oled cpu cooler is a good idea but completely fails at everything ryuo ryujin

    when i first heard about a cpu cooler with an oled display was really excited as i had that idea back in like 2010 thinking it would never happen, once i bought it i was extremely disappointed by both the build quality and the software, it's such a nice idea but fails at pretty much everything to be even decent

    the screens quality reminds me of a phone from 2007 the cheaper version has a square display in a circular cooler, i decided to go with the more expensive one but that one has a very plasticky feel

    the software is by far the worst to the point where i don't use it, the gifs preloaded are terrible, it doesn't accept any custom gifs i am sure if i work really hard to get a working gif it will work but normally no

    the overall design is just so disappointing and as mentiond plastic it is so bad that i want to send it back because of burnin so i have a choice of exchanging or money back, i want to buy the nzxt model the problem with this is that it's an lcd screen so any black gif or visual will look awful, i heard about asus doing a new model of these which for some reason also has lcd why i have no idea

    so to sum up what would make this cooler perfect

    no plastic just metal if i am paying 400 dollars for a cooler i want it to be well built and i love when things are made in metal
    the more expensive model should have a screen that covers the entire side portion that isn't brushed aluminium so rather than a tiny little box inside another shape the screen should cover that entire portion
    the screen should have the same quality as a smartwatch not the quality of a sony ericsson phone from 2007
    a much better way of customizing the screen, high res gifs that you can copy to the cooler the cooler would then need built in memory maybe 50 mb is enough so you can load settings in it, more readings right now all you get is temp it's extremely limited
    more rgb lighting i chose the more expensinve ryuin cooler because the screen blends in better but it just has a small rgb lightstrip while the cheaper model has a light all around, combine those two for the more expensive model
    maybe make it less thick on the sides currently it is looking very cramped and thats because the shell itself that you place ontop is too big the cooler is not too big it's just the shell itself so minimizing that size won't be an issue.

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