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    Lightbulb Laptop Docking Station Suggestion


    I recently purchased an Asus ROG GL504GS Laptop, it really is a good quality laptop, however due to heating problems and the battery lasts as short as other gamming laptops with the same configuration. The laptop would have a better use if I had a Dock to get everything ready on my desk, similar to Dell. However Dell's are geared towards work, something a gamer full of RGB leds, USB ports and a cooler system would sell like water in the desert. However, it would be necessary to add a connection from the bottom of the laptop.

    The model of my laptop is not that strong, and I see that such an idea would be extremely viable in more expensive laptops, given that they have the ability to replace a PC for example.

    If anyone has more ideas or feedback please write in this topic, I will send the link to that topic on Asus support.


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    recently I'm buy this docking station
    it's make feel good when use my ROG at my apartment
    best regards

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